Massage & EFT Coaching

Touch is the first sense for baby and is implicated in their psychological, mental, and physiological development.

EFT tapping is a profound and gentle way to tap the body’s inner wisdom and self-healing mechanism.

Both massage and EFT tapping can be coached to parents to help their babies and children in their everyday lives.

Benefits to parents:

  • Builds parent’s confidence and self-esteem
  • Helps manage stress/anxiety 
  • Allows time to live in the present moment with child
  • Nourishes feelings of overall happiness

PRICE: 100$


Massage & EFT coaching comes with Massage Cards describing each maneuver

Stomach 3x with Warm Hands:

  • Water Mill – legs down  
  • Water Mill – legs up  
  • Outward with thumbs on ribs from diaphragm to belly button
  • Sun & Moon – left hand is the sun
  • I love you – (right hand)
  • Hand March 3x (right hand – stay on air bubbles circles)

Awake – move gases around


Magic Colic

Babies are feeling everything is their tummies starting with hunger 

– their lower chakras are getting connection to the higher chakras 

 –their energies are scattered & we can try aligning them

– their digestive systems are growing

  • Begin with Presence Touch (even if baby is fussing)
  • Massages: Water Mill with legs up / Sun & Moon / I love you – 3x a day
  • Perform only this pattern 2-3 times a day for up to 2 weeks – to come out of the colicky period