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Embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and healing with our meticulously curated course on massage therapy techniques. Crafted for both seasoned practitioners and passionate enthusiasts, this transformative series is designed to elevate your understanding of the sacred practice of touch.

👐 Harmony for Every Being: Experience the subtle energies of massage as our 16-video series gracefully guides you through a spectrum of techniques. From the tender art of child massage to the soul-soothing embrace of yoga-infused practices, and the sacred Full Body Combo, each video serves as a portal to a realm of healing and tranquility.

👶 Child Massage Mastery: Unveil the gentle wisdom required to practice massage with children. Our expert-led video will immerse you in techniques that honor the purity and innocence of youth, fostering an environment of comfort and serenity.

🧘‍♀️ Yoga Massage Unleashed: Merge the ancient wisdom of yoga with the intuitive art of massage. Allow our dedicated video to lead you on a journey of harmony, promoting not just physical well-being but also a deep sense of balance and spiritual connection.

🤲 Full Body Combo Bliss: Embark on a sacred dance of touch with our Full Body Combo tutorial. Uncover the seamless fusion of techniques, creating a holistic and rejuvenating experience for both the giver and receiver.

💆‍♂️ Targeted Relief for Specific Ailments: Discover the profound healing potential within our specialized videos, each meticulously crafted to address specific body parts and common ailments. Immerse yourself in the art of therapeutic touch, promoting balance and well-being.

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This massage time is not only for the baby or child but the parent as well.  The simple act of noticing what is occurring in our environment is an easy way to become present. By focusing on and enjoying the present, we can make more meaningful use of our time. There are times we have no idea what to do in a given moment or we might have time to indulge in some one on one. Whatever the case, we can bring our attention to our senses or to our breath.  With stillness comes awareness. We are not always in our happy place but with a moment to just be, if anything by just enjoying our breathing, our body and mind come together and therefore a shift to the present happens 🙂

By placing your hand on your child’s belly and moving it up and down with the breaths, (up on the inhale as the breath fills the diaphragm and abdomen, and down on the exhale releasing the breath up and out) you can demonstrate the effect of breathing on the body.  It is in its simpleness our most effective internal massage.

If anything, to take away from this course, is the confidence to know that you have a direct effect on your child’s wellbeing and that your simple touch can sometimes be the answer to any troubling issue.  By taking the moment to be present with your child you are already relaying your intention to not only be a part of their growing and developing journey but also that when things get rough, all we have to do is breathe.


Use the Presence Touch anytime during the massage to bring you both back to the present

Many of our emotions and tiredness gets stored in our legs. They have the weight of our bodies and movement. It is important to release tension in the legs and feet so that actions like crawling, balancing, and walking are possible and made easier for your baby. For children, regular leg massages can prevent the often-reoccurring growing pains.

In the same way, our feet can carry us and support us. I would also like to emphasize here that our feet are connected to the whole bodily system. It is for this reason that reflexology bases its therapy on triggering or pressing on localized points in the feet as it relates to all the body’s organs. The acupressure point introduced here is called the solar plexus. It calms the body, triggering the nervous system and is also linked to all the digestive organs.

With this said, it is great to start with the legs and feet as they are the ones that need to relax the most. The big, active muscles can really benefit from relaxation.

We begin the massage with an Indian massage to awaken the emotional pathway towards the extremities, it works on a subtle level on the nervous system to melt away tension from the muscles before the muscle work. The sequence ends with a Swedish massage that brings blood flow and lymphatic fluids back towards the heart for circulation and filtration.

Take a look at your cue card for step-by-step details!

By now your hands are nice and warm so ready to massage your baby's belly.  If you are starting with this massage, then you can use a warm towel or blanket under the baby.

This area, although labelled the stomach area, is really all about the digestive system.  A massage in the abdominal area, reeducates the muscles that control bowel movements and reduces the symptoms of constipation and generalized pelvic and abdominal pain.  Additionally, it seems to relieve painful gas.  Not only does it provide relaxation and stress relief, but real physiological effects and can become a key part of your communication with your baby.

Emphasis is on the colon area and is the reason we move clockwise on baby’s belly and why we move down along the left side.  This massage will move the gases and bowels and relieve cramps. Please note to not perform the clockwise motion to the left side when there is diarrhea present (the body is already eliminating too much in this case).

Take a look at your cue card for step-by-step details!

Massaging the chest has so many nice benefits. Firstly, it is the massage nearest to the heart and lungs encouraging relaxation, blood circulation and oxygen absorption. The techniques are special as they relate directly in name and effect to the heart and the flow of bodily fluids. The heart technique places the shape of the heart on the chest and provides such a beautiful visual.  The kiss technique places an X (for a kiss) on the chest and relieves muscle tightness around shoulders that can be caused by tightness in the lungs and chest due to crying or laughing.  These techniques support ease of breathing, healthy posture and a healthy circulation of blood and lymph supporting the immune system.

When massaging children, if the breasts are beginning to develop, you can start at the diaphragm along the middle sternum and up toward the shoulders and down the sides, back down to the diaphragm.  Kiss technique can also be from the side of diaphragm towards the middle sternum pathway up toward the opposite shoulder.

Take a look at your cue card for step-by-step details!

Children, as adults do, protect themselves with their arms. Support them in protecting themselves and slowly the arms will surrender 🙂 Hold the arms close to the chest before you begin the massage. Presence touch on the arms can also help them ease into the upcoming massage.

The baby’s arms need to be strong for they will be involved in big movements, like lifting themselves up from the floor, crawling, and eating.  For a child, movements like throwing a ball or carrying a bag, or swinging a baseball bat are more prominent.  There are also the small precise moves like writing your name or drawing, all of which keep the arms always ready for action and therefore a little rigid and tight.  So, work through it and again provide support and understanding is key.

The acupressure point called Hegu (‘’Gu’’ meaning the valley between 2 mountains) between the thumb and index finger (the 2 mountains) is shown here. The Hegu point is where the energy gathers, and it is linked to relieving pain and headaches and can help with anxiety.

We begin the massage with an Indian massage to awaken the emotional pathway towards the extremities, it works on a subtle level on the nervous system to melt away tension from the muscles before the muscle work.  The sequence ends with a Swedish massage that brings blood flow and lymphatic fluids back towards the heart for circulation and filtration.

Take a look at your cue card for step-by-step details!

Now that you have massaged the arms and hands, chest and abdomen, legs and feet, let us integrate them all together.  The combination of the upper and lower halves allows a deeper connection between the body and mind.  The body will feel the integration of all its parts and the mind will connect to the sensations of the full body. This process can increase body awareness and facilitate full body movement.

Squeezing the shoulders, hands and feet gives a little compression and

can relieve tight muscles and decreases pain.  Most of all, it promotes relaxation and release of tension.  Leaving the body through the extremities (like the hands and feet) can liberate stagnant energy, making the body feel lighter. Feel connected to the whole body!

Take a look at your cue card for step-by-step details!

Some believe that the face is the map which decodes the mind, body, and soul's silent language.  We express our emotions on our face and because of this, it can accumulate a lot of tension.  Facial massages, in consequence, can be very relaxing.

The muscles of the face are always in motion.  Massaging around the mouth and jaw helps with relieving the muscles used to suck and eat and can ease the discomfort of teething.  The massage around the eyes, nose and ears relieves congestion and aids in breathing.  Furthermore, massaging across the forehead works to calm an overactive nervous system and ignite the relaxation response.  In the same way, softly gliding with thumbs over the eyes can be especially used when you want your baby to start feeling tired. Lastly, the facial massage promotes lymphatic drainage and supports a healthy and strong immune system.

Take a look at your cue card for step-by-step details!

Massaging baby’s back is an excellent way to help improve their body awareness and promote proper development.  The back muscles are engaged when you move your body, bend over, rotate your trunk, sit up or stand straight.  They are often overworked and tired so massaging the back muscles can often be the most relaxing part of a massage.  It can also help make baby feel how big they are!!!  Please take note to avoid pressing on the spine directly for the spine protects your spinal cord that is very sensitive.

Back massage can be used to introduce tummy time and ease any discomfort or unfamiliarity the baby might be feeling in relation to this time.   You can begin by lying on a bed/sofa, (at an incline with pillows if you like) or recliner and placing the baby belly down on your chest.  From here, with baby’s cooperation, you can transition and try lying baby across your lap (as you are sitting down on the floor with legs extended outwards) or you can place the baby on a flat surface in front of you (as shown in video).

Take a look at your cue card for step-by-step details!

Congestion is a common occurrence in a baby’s life as their nasal passages are little and developing as they grow.  Unfortunately, there is not much you can do for the common cold or nasal/chest congestion, but massage can be a handy tool to help you feel like you are positively affecting your baby’s discomfort.

The sequence of massage presented in the video can help reduce congestion by releasing pressure in the sinuses and promoting the drainage of excess fluid and mucus through the lymphatic system. Nasal lymphatic drainage runs via the facial muscles into the neck lymphatic nodes. The chest is relieved by making space in the respiratory cage therefore benefiting from massaging the chest and rib cage.

To be expected after this sequence is maybe a runny nose and some possible phlegm—for it is the body's way of getting all those excess toxins out as quickly as possible!

Take a look at your cue card for step-by-step details!

Babies that are colicky are healthy, eating well and growing well but cry in spells. Notice if the episodes happen at the same time of day or after the same pattern of events.

If colicky crying is affecting you and your baby, the sequence of massage can help alleviate the symptoms and help soothe the baby and can eventually help them come out of this period.

Massage is the top recommended action to ease the discomforts felt in the belly.  If baby is not liking any tummy rubs while crying, you can place the baby on their tummy and rub the back as it will have the similar effect.

Moving gases that are stuck or giving comfort in the abdominal region is your goal.  And please remember to move your hand in a clockwise motion – moving down the colon on baby’s left side.

Take a look at your cue card for step-by-step details!

The better sleep sequence can be incorporated into your bedtime routine.  Hopefully, it will feel comfortable, and it can be a moment shared at the end of the day that helps bring about calm and intentions for sleeping.  Please remember that the more consistent you are, the more enjoyable it will be for you and your child and the more benefits you will share together.

Sometimes the moments right before bedtime can be the most challenging because you and your child are both tired from the day.  Creating a bedtime routine that incorporates massage can help this overwhelming time of day.

The last technique that makes up the bedtime sequence is massaging the feet and finding the solar plexus acupressure point.  It is just below the ball of your foot, right in the center, where you can actually almost feel like there is a space for your finger there.

Breathe and feel a big exhale, let go of the day and take in the moment.  You can move with little pumps while pressing here gently.  This point is known to calm the body and can also help with constipation.

Take a look at your cue card for step-by-step details!

Yoga builds strength, flexibility, and awareness of the body.  Practicing yoga also improves focus and attention span, reduces stress and trains fine and gross motor skills. Furthermore, it teaches us how to regulate emotions and therefore benefits our overall health.

With this practice, you are directly impacting your relationship with your child, not only because you are encouraging the integration of yoga in both your daily lives, but you are also showing how important your child is to you that you would set aside this time together.

Some of the positions have very meaningful implications, such as the diagonal cross.  As one leg lifts, the opposite arm falls forward. In this way, the sequence resembles the start of a turn from resting on the back to rolling on the tummy.  This is a mobility effort that you are encouraging especially with the little babies who have not yet discovered this ability.

Like anything you practice, yoga will become a place of comfort to you and your child.

Take a look at your cue card for step-by-step details!

This posture can help soothe your baby. It activates a reflex that induces calm and can be done anytime and anywhere really!

Use this as your go to when you simply need to change the mood. If baby is fussing or colicky it works like magic!   It can be done for fun too and it is great exercise for you as well. It engages big strong muscles in the leg and gets our circulation and balance working more efficiently.

Make sure you are well balanced, grounded with your feet on the level ground and strong in your position to enjoy together.

Take a look at your cue card for step-by-step details!

My friend Vanessa was so kind to film herself with her beautiful girl enjoying some little magical Divine Drops.

It is very easy to see how much baby enjoys this posture and how good it is for the parent as well.  As mentioned previously, our emotions go right into the legs, so get those leg muscle working.  This will help you release some stress and of course helps to increase blood circulation and change your body – as your body changes so does your mind, and so does your presence!

Baby feels this shift in you and in the motion of and being held and looking forward, confident, and self-assured. Baby can take in their surroundings, feel comforted with the motion, and soothed by the reassuring hold and closeness to their parent.

This sequence is a wonderful and treasured BONUS FEATURE 😊. Being present for your child in this way is amazing and will help you create a place of peace when life gets crazy around you.

The techniques each start at the bellybutton where we find Solar Plexus energy.  Why do we start from there? It is a particularly efficient place to find calm for the nervous system and therefore ease any form of hyperactivity whether it is physical, mental, or emotional.  Signs of hyperactivity can be unbalanced feelings of low self-esteem, lack of self-trust, attraction to stimulants and insecurities, and also poor digestion.

My daughter helped me for this sequence and is the one I massaged in the video.  She has benefitted from massages immensely. As you can see in the video, the effect of the massage is spontaneous (you will see her body responding and relaxing) and is only better aided the more often you incorporate massage as your go to in your daily.

Ask if your child if they would like a massage and be aware of body language. If the touch is ticklish to the child try giving a slower, firmer massage and asking the child to take some deep breaths to aid relaxation.

Take a look at your cue card for step-by-step details!